Company Profile

Cambian Education and Research Center is fully education based organization. We, in CERC, provide full fledged career guidance to students. We endow with true and fact information to our service receivers and their guardians. CERC came into existence physically not only to run a business but also to add a stone on development of education sector in Nepal. It registered as an organization in August 2012, after profound research on career counseling and education in Nepal in comparison to international education. CERC has its vision to achieve as one spot solution regarding national and international education as well as provide guardianship in improving English as an international education. To begin with, it is playing role as an career consultant to those who want to study abroad. CERC suggest best suitable to its service receivers regarding course, country, faculty (subject of concentration) keeping in mind interest, capability and capacity (including financial and intelligence). CERC makes available many pathways for research on different research problems. It guides on methodological issues over research, too, to enhance knowledge and qualification of student as well as researcher. In course of career guidance, now CERC wants to assist with scholarship arrangement for those students who are eligible and deserving for higher international studies but they don’t step forward because of short of finance. For this purpose, all interested candidates should fill up the form below and remain for reply. Cambian Gallery Objectives - To easier the way to higher international education to needy - To provide scholarship on merit basis - To present access to international education esp. for those who require economic support