Few words of response about our services

We are all different individuals, aren’t we? Our learning therefore occurs from each other, not only from the teacher/s. So, we can always try pretending as if we are all in the process of learning and this is the ultimate gateway to learn. With our unique characteristics and interests we deserve an equal opportunity to learn according to our needs and abilities. For me, the cerc’s endeavor has linked up a brick in the building of better confidence in appearing IELTS. Santosh ji’s help to locate information with various techniques in reading and Listening of IELTS texts readily gave anticipatory insights from the opening paragraphs. I was able to grab attention by immediately noticing what the contents were including the requirement of the questions. I hope the same effort gets success among other candidates too. Dear Madam, thank you for your help and by writing this, I am blissful that I could also put some water to nurture the flowers blooming in your garden.

-Kashiraj Pandey Asst. Professor (English Language, Literature and Writing) Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal